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  • Indrani Stangl, M.A., Career Coach

Show me the money.

A common question during an HR phone screen is what your salary requirements are. Thus the game begins. Keep the ball in their court because whoever says a number first, loses.

Why is it important to stave off these questions? Because whatever number you quote as your desired salary could do unsalvageable damage to the conversation. If you say you need a salary that is out of their range, they may move on to another candidate without even interviewing you. What if you say a number that is on the very low end of their range? This can connote a lack of confidence in your abilities, and may entice the company to low-ball you if you get an offer. Once you quote a low number, it is virtually impossible to ask for a higher salary because you already told them you could live with the lower one. If you take a job for a lower salary than you think you are worth, you will regret it for years.

There is a tried and true strategy to handle this conversation. Contact us and we can go over it together to ensure you are happy with your salary when you start your new job.

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