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  • Indrani Stangl, M.A., Career Coach

Go right. No, go left. No, go straight. But don't stay put.

I went to high school in the heart of silicon valley, and many of my classmates were children of faculty at a prominent university. I was always told I could do or be anything I want to be, and it was probably true. But when it was time for me to choose a major in college, my head was spinning. I chose something that sounded cool, but without any consideration for the future.

When I graduated, I was similarly paralyzed. Should I to law school? I worked at a law firm for a year but was not enthralled. What next? I applied for jobs at banks, VC firms, a PR firm. I got job offers but took the one that offered the most money, without thinking about the job itself. I lasted 3 years and when they offered me a promotion, I quit. Then I decided to go to graduate school. I could have chosen anything, but went into counseling, probably because that is what my mom did. I decided I didn't love being a therapist and ended up working at the university I mentioned before. I really couldn't go wrong, and I didn't. I am successful enough. But passionate? Nope.

Now it's been a while and I am at a crossroads. Should I change careers, and try to do something I am really passionate about? Looking back, I feel that having so many choices was just as paralyzing as having no choices. Being told I could succeed in anything I set my mind on was overwhelming. And I ended up not setting my mind on anything. I took the path of least resistance.

If I could go back in time, I would major in design and then go to business school. Where is Marty McFly when I need him?

As going back in time is not an option, I will focus on my real options. Moving forward I can forge a new path. Spruce Career Advisors is one way I am trying to redesign my future. I also have some other things in the works that I am hoping will pan out soon.

What is my point? It is never too late to start over. Stay tuned for ideas on how you can start over, if you have different dreams than you did when you were younger.

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